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Risk based approaches for asset integrity multimodal transport infrastructure management


The main objective of RAGTIME is to develop, demonstrate and validate an innovative management approach and to lay out a whole system planning software platform, based on standard multiscale data models, able to facilitate a holistic management throughout the entire lifecycle of the infrastructure.

The overall approach of the RAGTIME action is divided into three main phases:

Phase I: Setting up the scene and defining the AAIM (Advanced Asset Integrity Management) framework which focuses on defining the technical, legal and economic requirements to be introduced in the platform.

Phase II: Investigation and Development of AAIM focuses on the development of tools and three interconnected modules (governance, financial, economic & risk and technical management). RAGTIME’s cloud-based platform, where all tools and modules will be integrated and interrelated, will also be developed in this stage.

Phase III: Integration and Validation, will focus on demonstration and validation of the AAIM approach for three case studies.

RAGTIME Final Conference

The Final Conference will present the results of these three phases as well as the exploitation strategies and proposed business models for the main project results.

The Final Conference will take place on Thursday 27 June 2019, in Brussels, Belgium.

Registration is mandatory and due to limited seating, is on a first-come, first-served basis


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