Work Package 5

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Risk based approaches for asset integrity multimodal transport infrastructure management


WP5 constitutes the core of the project since it aims at integrating in a software-based platform for ITS, the modules and tools implemented in WP2 (Governance), WP3 (Risks and Predictive models) and in WP4 (Technical MGT modules). As such the main objectives of WP5 are:

  • The definition of the platform architecture 
  • The definition of a multiscale linked data model based on open standards 
  • The definition and implementation of the Core Service Platform, creating the interfaces for the management and interoperability among the multiple modules and data sources, including a Knowledge Management System (KMS)
  • The integration of all modules and tools developed in WP2, WP3 and WP4 in an open cloud-based platform 
  • The development of Graphical User Interfaces 

This will ensure information sharing, stakeholders collaboration and system interoperability during all stages of the life cycle of the infrastructure

Work Package Leader: DAPP


Work Package Participants:

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