Work Package 6

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Risk based approaches for asset integrity multimodal transport infrastructure management


WP6 will be led by NR and will focus on demonstration and validation of the Advanced Asset Integrity Management (AAIM) approach for three case studies. The main objective is to demonstrate that the RAGTIME model allows users to manage current and historical information and data in order to implement a strategic approach to update maintenance plans in a more efficient way. As an example inspection activities can be optimised towards real needs as opposed to scheduled regular activity. Furthermore, this approach will allow users to extend the process to other similar structures along the same stretch of infrastructure and formulate one maintenance plan.

The specific objectives will be:

  • To set the metrics (Key performance Indicators – KPIs) required to validate the RAGTIME results via case studies;
  • To validate the results versus the UK case study
  • To benchmark the results and the proposed approached in a viaduct based case study in Italy and in a railway based case study in Slovenia.

Work Package Leader: NR


Work Package Participants:

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