News - RAGTIME Consortium meeting - April 2019

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Risk based approaches for asset integrity multimodal transport infrastructure management

RAGTIME Consortium meeting - April 2019

The RAGTIME Consortium meeting, coupled with a dissemination event, took place at TECNALIA, the project coordinator’s headquarters, in Bilbao (Spain), on 03 and 04 April.


During the first day, the consortium solely analysed the project’s various tasks, with emphasis brought on how to complete the remaining work, scheduled to end in August 2019.

On the second day, the consortium focused on the project’s exploitation plans.

External experts were also invited to a Stakeholder Reference Group meeting, whose aim was to receive feedback from relevant stakeholders in the infrastructure transportation sector, regarding the approach and methodology developed within the RAGTIME project.

 In addition, the workshop aimed at identifying the barriers facing the implementation of the RAGTIME approach, as well as pointing out to the most valuable aspects of the developed methodology implemented on the RAGTIME platform.

The project received valuable feedback from the attending stakeholders.


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